Composition Im Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Lyric

At Chordworks we love to write music.

All we need is a good, original idea.

And that's where you come in. Pick up the phone, call us and tell us your idea. Pick the instruments you want, the size of the orchestra and we'll do the rest.

Perhaps you need a corporate theme? But before you write that off as a ludicrous flight of fancy, just think of Intel's four note jingle and the undeniable brand value it has added to the company.

Maybe you'd like something longer? A suite of music. A special piece for a string quartet for your wedding. A full blown symphony featuring period instruments. All of these are possible and, for a one off fee, can be uniquely yours with all copyright and performance rights signed over. A price well worth paying.

From our grab bag of existing material, a few examples:

All can be supplied as sheet music, backing tracks and study tracks.

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